Marriage Certificate Registration with NADRA

For overseas Pakistanis, securing a NADRA Marriage Certificate or a computerized Nikah Nama can be particularly challenging, especially for those living in countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Traveling to Pakistan for this purpose might not always be feasible due to professional commitments. Zahid Law Associates offers a convenient solution, enabling you to apply for your Marriage Certificate Registration NADRA online, no matter where you are.

Requirements for Applying for a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC):
Scanned copies of the Urdu Nikah Nama
CNICs of the bride and groom
CNIC of the Nikah Khawan
Copies of passports here (for foreign spouses)

At Zahid Law Associates, we specialize in assisting individuals living abroad with marriage documentation. Our team is experienced in the formal requirements and procedures necessary to prepare and submit your application for the Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) from NADRA.

Ensure your marriage documentation is handled professionally and efficiently. Contact Zahid Law Associates for all your NADRA marriage certificate needs and more. Your documentation solutions are just a few clicks away.

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